🏒 The puck is about to drop on opening night

1 year ago

The NHL 2017-18 season is about to begin, and the Pittsburgh Penguins are expected by many sportsbooks to win their third consecutive Stanley Cup. Predicting the team will win and it actually happening isn’t always what occurs. However, the Penguins have a legitimate shot of pulling off the feat.

Wednesday night October 4th sees the puck drop. Four games will take place on opening night, and the defending champions are one of the clubs taking the ice.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Winnipeg Jets

The Jets have plenty of expectations on their shoulders this season. The team may be at +4000 odds to win the Stanley Cup, but the club is expected to do well none the less. NHL insiders predict the youthful, high-flying Jets to make the playoffs.


The Maple Leafs are the great unknown going into the NHL 2017-18 season. The team has plenty of talent and potential; but the Maple Leafs are notorious for underachieving. The team need a big season from Auston Matthews, but the Atlantic Division is very competitive. ZCode System’s scores predictor doesn’t believe Toronto has much of a chance on the road. The Jets are favored to win, 5-1.

St. Louis Blues vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Of course, the Penguins are being predicted to win it all. The Pens have loads of talent, and it will be hard for anyone to beat them night in, night out. The Blues are also talented, and should have no difficulty making the playoffs. However, beating Pittsburgh on night one will be tough.


Pittsburgh is favored by ZCode System’s scores predictor, 3-1. With the team’s great end to last season, there is no reason Pittsburgh shouldn’t win in the season opener at home.

Calgary Flames vs. Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers are being tipped by many to play against the Penguins in the Stanley Cup finals. Connor McDavid is the real deal, and it is possible he could be the new Wayne Gretzky. McDavid tallied the most points last season, and will possibly do it again. The Flames are being predicted to miss the playoffs, and the team has goaltending problems. The Flames haves plenty of depth issues and those could be exposed on opening night against McDavid’s Oilers.


ZCode Systems scores predictor has the Oilers slated to win this game, 2-1. With all the hype around McDavid and the team, I can’t see the Flames having much of a chance.

Philadelphia Flyers vs. San Jose Sharks

The Sharks have plenty of depth in all areas and should do well this NHL 2017-18 season. The team is already being predicted to secured 100 points or more.


Philadelphia wasn’t good a season ago. The team has talent, but hasn’t been able to turn its potential into anything more than that. ZCode System’s scores predictor has San Jose winning, 2-1. The team is playing at home, and being that the team is strong in the first place, the Sharks should win on opening night.


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